Unscented HERBAL TOUCH Hemp Soap – 110 Gram/bar


Unscented HERBAL TOUCH Hemp Soap – 110 Gram/bar

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*  will last two to three times longer than commercial soaps as they do not contain any fillers or dyes.
*   highest quality natural ingredients are used.  ( no animal products and no harmful chemicals).
*  contain vegetable oils, hemp oils, Calendula oil and natural vitamin E. (pure Vitamin E; not the synthetic type).
*  hemp oil is one of the few botanical oils which will penetrate to the deepest layers of the skin.
*  Calendula oil was used in WWI as an anti-septic directly on soldiers wounds; it is also very softening to the skin.
*  These soaps leave your skin silky soft and do not dry out your skin
*  In most cases these hemp soaps eliminate the need for an after shower body lotion.
*  hand cut; each bar is over 80  grams ( 2.82 oz.)

*  these hemp soaps do not contain parabens (as a preservative )or sodium lauryl  sulfate  (as a sudsing agent) which are often used in personal care products.    These hemp soaps suds very well without the use of harmful chemicals

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Unscented, Aloe Vera, Wheatgerm Flaxseed, Oatmeal Chickweed, Flaxseed Extract, Oatmeal Flaxseed, Calendula


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